Trickier and Trickier

Well my dearest Motherfakers, It’s been an amazing week for the Improv Trick.  We just had a great show last night and we’re performing at Off Broaday tomorrow in a  benefit called Madahoopin’. Yesterday, I shot a great comedy video with a local punk band called The Browncoats, a Firefly inspired band who recorded theirContinue reading “Trickier and Trickier”

Tricked Out

Well, motherfakers!  It’s been a while.  After getting back from Puerto Rico, I drove cross country with my nephew’s Flat Stanley riding shotgun.  I suffered smoke inhalation while driving through the Oklahoma wildfires.  We had some wild times, me and Stanley. Yep, we did the whole Route 66 experience, this time without my usual stopContinue reading “Tricked Out”

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