Trickier and Trickier

Well my dearest Motherfakers,

It’s been an amazing week for the Improv Trick.  We just had a great show last night and we’re performing at Off Broaday tomorrow in a  benefit called Madahoopin’.

Yesterday, I shot a great comedy video with a local punk band called The Browncoats, a Firefly inspired band who recorded their own version of the song The Hero of Canton.  What we did in the video was so gross that I had to vomit, literally on camera.  You’ll find out when it hits YouTube here.  Their first video got 16,000 hits in the first three days.

You may remember Tina Fey mentioning my gag reflex on David Letterman.  Well, for those who doubted that the teeniest little thing makes me vomit…there is now video proof. I wasn’t supposed to, in fact the character I was playing with, Captain Moerke was drinking a disgusting concoction that was probably a health hazard and was pretending to puke it all up.  Well, I got a whiff of this swill and started some reality TV of my own.  I lost my breakfast (scrambled eggs) all over the table, and we got coverage of it on two cameras.  Also in the video was one of my Improv Trick students BJ “Honkey” Lange, the No-Limit Honkey from MTV’s Spring Break.

I’ll have more to post later this week.

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