Back in LA…for now.

Well friends, neighbors and Motherfakers, lend me your internet-strained eyes.  For I come to bury LA, not to praise it.  I’ve gotta say that I love working in LA, but I really love LIVING in St. Louis.  And boy did I live the last time I was in town.  It’s been a long haul, and I got a lot done in the late spring and early summer in St. Louis.

I’m in LA, I taped my first show of the new season on Wizards of Waverly Place last week and now I’m gearing up for the end of the five week run as part of the Spotlight Series of the LA Comedy Festival.  Please tell a friend.  Literally, pleeeeeeze tell a friend if you care about them because they won’t want to miss this ALL STAR improv show.

Steve Agee (Sarah Silverman Program), Frank Caeti (MAD TV) and many of LA’s top improv talent from UCB, Second City, Groundlings and many other of my favorite comedy friends are in this show.  For more info, click HERE.

Steve Agee 2

Frank Caeti 4

So, that’s some cool JELLO, Maynard!  But check out what was going on in St. Louis. I shot a comedy video with a band named The Browncoats (a Firefly inspired punk band) where I drank for free all day and puked up my breakfast before the drinking started.  You’ll see why the video hits YouTube later this month.

Mudders Milk
Photo by Christopher Robertson

The experience turned me into a fan of the band and made me a fan of Firefly, too.  They did a cover of the song Hero of Canton and followed up this insanely popular viral video with a faux cooking show hosted by yours truly.  Guess what’s on the table?

I did magic at the Family Expo, both onstage and close-up at the Improv Trick booth.  I really love doing it close up!

Bill Doing Magic

Oh the fun didn’t seem to end.  We premeired two big shows: The Improv Trick Harold Night and Longform Jam, and The StageMatch.  After every show, we partied far into the night at the Improv Trick Comedy Underground.  I really miss being in St. Louis and doing those shows and the late night fun.

Gallery at the Incubator

Marc Pruter Bday

Above is a pic from my buddy Marc’s 43rd Birthday Party.  We went to the City Museum and heard some great Alt. Country music, had a few rum n’ cokes and slid down a 7 story slide.  Can you do that anywhere but St. Louis?  We spend the rest of the night on Washington Ave.  It’s amazing what a night life St. Louis has downtown now.

Before leaving town, I had  few ” g-bye for now” parties that included my 40th Birthday Roast and making some personal appearances at the Summer Up Music Festival in Hazelwood, MO.  North County proud.  MTV’s BJ “Honkey” Lange was the MC and he rocked it out with Fredbird and the Smash Band.

BJ has been an outstanding improv student and performer and I look forward to having him in LA.  He’s moving here soon.  More North County pride!

BJ and Fredbird

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Bill Chott is currently appearing in Marshall's Miracle, a family film about a courageous dog who survived hardships to triumph as a therapy dog. For five years he was on the Emmy-Winning Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place. Originally from St. Louis Missouri, he is a member of his high school's Hall of Fame, a Broadway Award winner for his work in I Love Lucy Live on on Stage, and the winner of the INNY awards for Best Improv Coach. He attended Central Methodist University and trained in Improvisation at The Second City. There he worked with such comedy powerhouses as Tina Fey, Steve Carrel, Stephen Colbert among many others. Bill starred on The Dana Carvey Show, does cartoon voices on PBS, Saturday Night Live and in film, he appeared in Galaxy Quest, Dude Where's My Car, and he was a lead role as Thomas, the Special Olympian who brings home the bronze in the Farrelly Bros. film The Ringer.

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