Wizards of Waverly Place Premiere

Hey faithful friends, I’m shooting another episode of Wizards of Waverly Place this week, which is always fun.  This week’s episode is directed by Victor Gonzalez and it’s the second episode this season featuring Selena Gomez as a cheerleader.  I can’t tell much more than that, but I’ve already read that news on a fanContinue reading “Wizards of Waverly Place Premiere”

I’m “March”-ing Toward Curly

My amazingly supportive Motherfakers, The is finally happening. I talked with Peter Farrelley at the premiere of Johnny Knoxville’s film Jackass 3-D. Pete came up to me and said “We haven’t forgotten about you. You’re testing for Curly this year.” I was shocked because everyone in the media, including friends of mine said “The ThreeContinue reading “I’m “March”-ing Toward Curly”

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