Feel Good Film Festival

I’m having a great time at the Feel Good Film Festival.  Sorry not to have more details, but to see pics of me, Eric Roberts, Andy Dick, Kate Flannery and more, visit  http://www.wireimage.com/ItemListings.aspx?igi=384442.

Tonight was the opening night and I had a lot of fun, there was a band called Blonde Jovi an all girl Bon Jovi cover band, lots of Blue Angel Vodka (they had plenty of Blue Angel Kamikazees).

Bill Chott at Feel Good Film Festival

Rock Slyde was the first feature screened, a Patrick Warburton/Andy Dick comedy set in the Film Noir genre, but very modern.  In fact, Scientology and other self-help groups are parodied in this comedy.  I enjoyed it, and the shorts before it were fun too. I’ve seen all of the shorts already, so I’m ahead of some folks in the fun department.  But why should today be any different than any others?

I’ve gotta say…I really need a Feel Good Film Festival after the month I’ve had.  My car broke down out in Norwalk (about 45 miles from LA), I’m a bit lonely even though I’m constantly surrounded by friends and I’ve just been a bit in the dumps.  Well, the last couple days I got a little rest, picked myself up by screening the last of the films to appear in the Feel Good Film Festival and got ready for the weekend.

And the good news of the week is that I will most likely be shooting two more episodes of Wizards of Waverly place this month. They “put a pin in me”.  Which is Hollywood talk for maybe you’ll work and maybe you won’t.  But I’ve never had them put a pin in me without following through with another week of work.

So, overall I’m feeling very good and hoping that as many people possible can be a part of this surprisingly contagious Feel Good Feeling.

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3 thoughts on “Feel Good Film Festival

  1. You know I’m always here when you need a smile, a laugh and a lift. Glad you had fun at the festival. Miss you.

  2. Glad to here that you’ve got that pick me up through the film festival. I remember getting the pick me ups that I needed at Central when you would come over the the room and we would talk and talk and talk and talk. 🙂

    Oh….HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY just a little bit late. It looked like you had a great one.

    Hope your car is fixed now.

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