Call Me “Curly”

Okay Fiends, Friends and Motherfakers,

Big news first.  I may have my foot in the door again on the Farrelly Bros. Three Stooges film.

“How?” you ask.

“Oh, and Indian!” I respond…Here’s the scoop.  Jim Carrey was cast as Curly in the film but he bowed out.  Maybe being bald and fat isn’t his thing.  But I’ve been settling into this role for a long time.

For more back story on the continuing Stooges drama, click HERE.

After shooting the Ringer with The Farrelly Bros. I told them that I was VERY interested in playing the role of Curly.  Pete Farrelly sent me a bunch of Curly tapes and DVD’s to study.  I put together an audition which you can see by clicking HERE.

Funny, huh?  My friend Paul Wojciak shot it and was a HUGE help in putting it all together.  Now you can be a HUGE help as well and help with a word-of-mouth campaign.

Pete and Bobby Farrelly already think the world of me and Pete even called to let me know that I was at the top of their list and they hadn’t read anyone else besides Jim Carrey for the role.  That’s a huge compliment because nobody calls you in Hollywood when you don’t get the role….Especially the Exec. Producer.  I’m a big fan of Jim Carrey and I didn’t feel I was losing out when they cast America’s Top Comedy Star as the funniest Stooge, Curly.

But so many people have urged me to convince the studio that I’m the right choice as well.

My sister Mary is helping me put together a word of mouth and letter-writing campaign that will teach Hollywood a thing or two about how much St. Louis loves the Stooges and how good St. Louis is at writing letters and spreading word of mouth…and of course the rest of the country.  There are some loud mouths and prolific writers elsewhere (New Jersey, New York, I’m lookin’ at you…) but we’re going to have to start by asking every St. Louisan to help make this a dream come true.

Here’s where you come in…please take about five minutes and write a letter and send it to these three addresses:

Metro Goldwyn Mayer
10250 Constellation Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067-6200.
C3 Entertainment, Inc
1415 Gardena Ave.
Glendale CA 91204
Bobby and Peter Farrelly
325 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste. 201
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Then, please take one more minute to tell three friends about this website and ask them to help.  If you have more than three friends…why are you reading this blog?

Thanks in advance.  For the fans of Wizards of Waverly Place, I have a fun pic taken on the set of The Wizards of Waverly Place movie in San Juan Puerto Rico.  Me and Selena Gomez, kicking it beachside/poolside at the Caribe Hilton.

Bill Chott and Selena Gomez on the set of the Wizards Movie
Bill Chott and Selena Gomez on the set of the Wizards Movie

The Wizards of Waverly Place Movie premeires Friday August 28th on The Disney Channel.  Click HERE for more info.

I’ve been pretty busy in LA lately.  I’m shooting another two episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place.  I can’t wait to read the script and find out what the episodes are all about.  In the mean time, I’ll have to have fun times like I did last weekend at the Feel Good Film Festival.  I saw a LOT of great movies and heard some great music, Indian food by Chakra and I met a lot of great people there.  It truly was a Feel Good Time.

I was really happy to be able to see all those Feel Good Films and was very proud to pick as one of my top five a film shot with a lot of St. Louis actors: Donna Weinsting and Whit Reichert just to name a few.  My good friend Rick Hall who is also a Second City alum and great character actor was the lead character, Carter. Rick is also a cousin of Ray Brewer, St. Louis gadfly.  It was called “A Slice of Pie” and it was directed by Timothy C. Reischauer who is from St. Louis, just in case you couldn’t figure it out by the name.

They had just gotten back from the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase and were very well received there.  They didn’t win best film, but it’s very cool to be nominated for an award like that.  Ed Asner got the award for Lifetime Achievement and Patrick Warburton, Andy Dick and Eric Roberts were in attendance, too.

I was not prejudiced at all by the fact that I knew so many people in that film and that I enjoyed it so much.  I knew a LOT of the actors, directors and writers who were in this festival, and this one was simply my favorite.  It’s about a guy named Carter who lives in a small town and has small town values.  He has to make a series of tough decisions on a first date with the girl of his dreams.  Despite the risk of “doing the right thing” and flying in the face of the theory that “no good deed goes unpunished.”  Amazingly, every time he makes a hard decision and does the right thing he winds up on top, with the girl of his dreams. Sorry if I ruined the ending for you, but it IS the Feel Good Film Festival.

Michael Hatch, Bill Chott, Jason Benesh at The Feel Good Film Festival
Michael Hatch, Bill Chott, Jason Benesh at The Feel Good Film Festival - photo by Cathryn Farnsworth

That’s me with two of the other filmmakers I knew at the festival.  See, I told you!  Jason Benesh produces with Jerry Zucker and we all worked on a pilot for Jerry Zucker that combined game shows, improv and Kafka.  I had a great time catching up with Jason and his associate Michael Hatch.  They had another great film in the festival called The Mugging about muggers who are paparazzi.

So, it’s getting late and I need to rest for tonight.  Please remember to write a few letters and emails on my behalf. You don’t know how much midwestern modesty I have to choke down to self-promote.  Have a great weekend, and imagine me choking…on hubris.


Feel Good Film Festival

I’m having a great time at the Feel Good Film Festival.  Sorry not to have more details, but to see pics of me, Eric Roberts, Andy Dick, Kate Flannery and more, visit

Tonight was the opening night and I had a lot of fun, there was a band called Blonde Jovi an all girl Bon Jovi cover band, lots of Blue Angel Vodka (they had plenty of Blue Angel Kamikazees).

Bill Chott at Feel Good Film Festival

Rock Slyde was the first feature screened, a Patrick Warburton/Andy Dick comedy set in the Film Noir genre, but very modern.  In fact, Scientology and other self-help groups are parodied in this comedy.  I enjoyed it, and the shorts before it were fun too. I’ve seen all of the shorts already, so I’m ahead of some folks in the fun department.  But why should today be any different than any others?

I’ve gotta say…I really need a Feel Good Film Festival after the month I’ve had.  My car broke down out in Norwalk (about 45 miles from LA), I’m a bit lonely even though I’m constantly surrounded by friends and I’ve just been a bit in the dumps.  Well, the last couple days I got a little rest, picked myself up by screening the last of the films to appear in the Feel Good Film Festival and got ready for the weekend.

And the good news of the week is that I will most likely be shooting two more episodes of Wizards of Waverly place this month. They “put a pin in me”.  Which is Hollywood talk for maybe you’ll work and maybe you won’t.  But I’ve never had them put a pin in me without following through with another week of work.

So, overall I’m feeling very good and hoping that as many people possible can be a part of this surprisingly contagious Feel Good Feeling.

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