Mass Debaters

Hey Motherfakers,

You should take this web address: and CRAM IT into your browser. WARNING: This content is for Motherfakers ages 18 and up. Adult themes, language and general innapropriate hand gestures.

You can vote for me, Bill Chott with a simple thumbs up.  You know what that means!?!

Seriously, I’d appreciate your support.  Each video is about one minute long and if you like what I had to say, please click on the tiny thumb to indicate your support.
It would mean the world to me.
In other news, I’ve been working very hard here at Improv Trick in St. Louis on sales training videos for our big time corporate client.  We can tell you more about them when they’re completed.  But rest assured that they’re pretty fun and look GREAT.  We’re also holding classes and shows for the folks in St. Louis.  Shows every Tuesday and Wednesday and there’s a FREE class tonight!

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