Chott named 4th most popular St. Louisan

Marc Pruter, Gary Miller (The Browncoats) and Chott, 4th most popular

Hollywood, CA – According to IMDb, Bill Chott has been named the 4th Most Popular St. Louisan, running right behind Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump), Gregg Berger (Transformers: The Movie) and  James Gunn (Writer of Scooby Doo). Chott is soon to appear in Johnny Depp’s upcoming film The Rum Diary)

“I’m proud to be from St. Louis, and I’m proud to come in 4th place,” Chott said.  “And being proud of coming in 4th place just proves I’m a true St. Louisan.”

He celebrated by travelling to New Orleans, where he headlined the New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival, and appeared third or fourth billing on several other nights.  Then he continued on  a road trip that took him up the Mississippi River to his home town of St. Louis at Naughti Gras.

Pictured above, he was with Marc Pruter (Mastermind Award Winner, Producer of The Improv Trick) and Gary Miller (The Browncoats).   “Mr. Chott has always been 4th place in my mind,” Pruter slurred, “And hanging out with Gary and I tonight, I’d venture to say he’s 4th most popular in our group as well.

Ater an exhausted 4 encore performances,  he was crowned “King of Naughti Gras 3”.  And he was able to spend the Superbowl in St. Louis, home of the 4th place NFC West St. Louis Rams and narrowly avoid St. Louis’ Mardi Gras, the second largest Mardi Gras celebration in America!

— Reported by Steve Tyler (Bill’s 4th oldest cousin)


St. Louis, MO — A local eatery, The Golden Pancake found themselves the center of attention as paparazzi swarmed the ALL YOU CARE TO EAT breakfast buffet. Local celebrity disgrace Bill Chott had finished the last spoonfull of Country-style gravy, as he thrust a young woman in front of cameras.

Finally in the company of a woman when API photographers were present, he was desperately anxious to be photographed with her, and awkwardly so.  Perhaps still looking to reassure “the ladies” that he still had manly desires despite his “left nut” donation which made the Saint’s Superbowl victory possible.

Desperate for Affection, Chott grasps his "last hope"

This confirms rumors in Howard County’s Fayette Advertiser about his activities in Givens Hall, which Chott claimed was “called that for a reason.”  When pressed for comment, he responded, “That’s what SHE said.”  The comment could have been directed at this mystery woman, or perhaps your mother.

Givens Hall...rumors still persist.

— Reported by Rosita  Mae Henkins (town gossip)

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