Happy Black History Month.  I know it’s almost over, but I’ve been busy promoting my newest run of classes in LA.  My improv company, The Improv Trick has a brand new website.  Click HERE to see what we’ve been up to! If you’re in LA, take advantage of our free class this Sunday and next Wednesday.  Tell a friend!

So, on the first day of February, I created a video with some of my students at Central Methodist University…my alma mater.  Regular readers of this blog know the hallowed halls of which I speak.  It’s a great liberal arts college in Fayette Missouri, and the scene of a civil war battle.  It’s also a historic place where former slaves made their way to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

So, naturally it made sense to create a satirical poem/music video with experimental college kids.  Beware, the “B” word is used, so it’s rated PG.  Younger Motherfakers, you may want to skip this video. The rest of you, enjoy this search for America’s future, a look back at it’s past, and some great music by Max Priddy. Featured in the video are Clint Verner and Darrell Bailey.  The video was shot at the Chi Delta house, a fraternal establishment that fosters “higher learning.”

Ya Dig?  We’re pretty proud of it, and we’re pretty proud of this video that appeared this month on HEC-TV.  It’s all about The Improv Trick in St. Louis….and beyond.

And yes, since my last post, I have a girlfriend.  Her name is Samantha, and I love her more than blogs can convey.  I’ve never been happier in my life, and all this without cough medicine!  Check out my Facebook Profile this month to see me and her.

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