Gateway City Comedy Blitzkreig

You Motherfaking June-Bugs, I thought you might enjoy seeing these clips of the Fake Yo-Yo Trickster.  This is a hilarious prankster making his way around the country masquerading as a Yo-Yo expert on local news programs.  If I wasn’t trying to actually promote things on local TV, I’d be doing appearances like this one. I’mContinue reading “Gateway City Comedy Blitzkreig”

Big Showdown on Waverly Place

Well, pardners, I’ve been mighty busy on the old ranch on Cherokee in St. Louis, but I’ll be back on TV in a brand new episode of Wizards.  As you know, I wrapped up my tour to Spread the Word to End  the R word, and by next week I’ll have video of the tourContinue reading “Big Showdown on Waverly Place”

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