A Stripper’s Mea Culpa

My appearance last week as a Roman Catholic priest on George Lopez’s Lopez Tonight has raised some ire among The Catholic Leauge. Link to the article is HERE. I had no intention of offending anyone, but it seems I just might have.

I’d like to respond as Geoffrey Chaucer did, asking those who were offended by the Canterbury Tales to blame his rough manner and lack of education, for his intentions were not immoral, while asking those who found something redeemable in the tales to give credit to Christ.

We're at war with Libya, Japan's a radiated wasteland and THIS is the top story?

I read the article and I understand the argument made by Catholic League president Bill Donohue, that the original Pole Dancing for Jesus was not about Catholics.  But Donohue says a few things in the span of a short paragraph that I feel the need to address.

“This isn’t the first time George Lopez has gone after the Catholic clergy—last September he maligned gay priests on two occasions for the sexual abuse of minors.”

Why does Donohue use the phrase “gay priests”?  I’m sure he’s not implying that only gay abuse is wrong. But is he then implying that there were priests proven to be gay who should NOT be maligned?  Is Donohue coming out in defense of gay priests?

That would be news, because this organization for religious and civil rights has “no results” in a search for the word “gay.” Personally, I don’t think anybody needs to be maligned but could maligned  be construed to mean de-frocked, excommunicated, or denied sacraments?

Have gay priests been more maligned by George Lopez or the Vatican? What are your views on that?

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3 thoughts on “A Stripper’s Mea Culpa

  1. I can’t believe that George Lopez “went after” child rapest. Bad George!!! Bad George!!! Seriously though… people need to stop perpetuating the lie that child molestation has anything to do with sexual orientation.

  2. I can not believe George Lopez “went after” child rapists. Bad George!!!!! Bad George!!!!! Seriously though… people need to stop perpetuating the lie that child molestation has anything to do with sexual orientation.

  3. This will be my third draft of a response to this post. The other two were so full of words of the four letter variety, that even I (I!) felt uncomfortable unleashing them on the poor, innocent blogiverse.

    So, let me boil it down to the essential question.

    Why, oh why, would Mr. Donahue and his league of Catholics communicate or even feel upset by satire of this nature? Why not use the power of their words and their numbers to end abuse within their own ranks.

    And you’re right. To equate homosexuality with molestation is just one of the many ways our supposedly enlightened society still dwells in the dungeons of Chaucer’s Middle English school of thought. Ridiculous.

    You know you’re doing something right, Bill, if you can piss people off. So good on ya!

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