July: Hot and Wet

St. Louis‘ s Grammy Nominated Beatle Bob recently released an App for iPhone that helps you find the hottest band in every city.  Click HERE for more info. No matter where you live, this is the place to discover  the hottest bands in your area. Beatle Bob is the gold standard of music aficionados. His fame started in St. Louis and spread all over the country.  He can be seen at Bonnaroo, and music events all over the country dancing his very, very unique Beatle Bob Dance.  I met Beatle Bob through my friend Donny Blake, but I had heard about him for years.  I was honored when he was one of the St. Louis celebs who roasted me two years ago at my 40th Birthday Roast in St. Louis. What else is HOT? Improv in St. Louis and LA! Click HERE to read the Improv Trick’s July Newsletter.


Beatle Bob Roasting Me – Photo by Bill Streeter

   I’ve spent the last week visiting the survivors of the disastrous tornado in JoplinMO. I’ll be performing July 19th with Yakov Smirnoff, David Koechner, Michael Jr. and a bunch of other talented comics from all over the country with roots in Missouri.  The optimism of the people in Joplin is amazing, and the support they’re getting from everyone in the area has been truly uplifting.  Besides the storm, there’s nothing about Joplin that’s wet.  However, since arriving here, I’ve seen a lot of billboards like the one below for something called Precious Moments.

I was confused for several days, because most of the billboards just assume that everyone who is driving through this area knows exactly what Precious Moments Chapel is. It’s the worst billboard campaign EVER. Turns out that Precious Moments is even more lame than I had expected.  It’s a figurine tourist trap and kitsch chapel. It’s referred to online as “America’s Sistine Chapel.” Thaaaaat’s doubtful. Judging by the billboards, I just assumed it was a childrens’ cemetary.

If  you’re going to support this area of Missouri there is a lot of great camping and fishing in the Ozarks. Not to mention all the national acts performing in Branson. But Precious Moments looks like a Hallmark store on steroids.  It’s my pick for July’s Wettest thing.

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