Your Ghastly Nature

Forget about Halloween needing to be scary. It’s a time that we can reflect and look forward to renewal after a harsh winter. A bone harsh winter….there is very little time to do anything at this point! Make Improv your one priority!

Find out what’s going on at The Improv Trick by clicking HERE. If you’re a fan of Mr. Show, you’ll be sure to enjoy a writing workshop with Eric Hoffman, we’re adding more and more shows in St. Louis and our you’re a part of it all. Just for reading this blog post.

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Now why all the shameless self-promotion? Because that’s the future. That’s not just a dumb statement, like “The future is Plastics.” I mean literally that you can travel in time if you keep focusing mirrors back on yourself…or doing a mirror exercise in an improv class. That’s my kind of Halloween.

You may wonder why the random blog post?  Well, I’m going to try to get back in the habit of blogging on a more regular basis. At least two per week. They won’t be all-out posts with all the bells and whistles. Some of them might be small, just sharing a link or two.  The rest, hey. They could be my next blogsterpiece!

But this one was just an attempt to CRAM IT all into one quick little blog post with links!

Two are now One

That’s right, the big news is HERE. Yesterday, Samantha and I got married!!!

It was a VERY small, VERY intimate ceremony with just an officiant (BJ “Honkey” Lange) and two witnesses (Peter and Cate Perigo). We’ll have more details after we get back from our mini-honeymoon at Disneyland today.

As early as Thursday, we’ll have video and pics of the mini-blessed event. ‘Till then, please leave a comment with advice about how to keep a married couple happy and together.

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