You’re about to get the shock of a lifetime this Tuesday! I’ll be appearing on KTLA in Los Angeles early Monday morning for the premiere of I Love Lucy Live on Stage, , but that’s not the biggest shocker. The Rum Diary, in which I appear briefly with Johnny Depp opens October 28th, but that’s not even the big news! I just got cast in a film called Santa Pups, which will shoot this month in Vancouver but that’s not the big news…you’ve gotta wait. I can’t tell you until Tuesday.

Neat article, huh? I consider myself pretty lucky this month to be part of productions mentioned in two of the biggest magazines (that I actually read).

In case you didn’t catch the latest news update on this site, here’s a copy of the page from TV Guide mentioning I Love Lucy Live on Stage.  That was pretty cool, so was the article I was interviewed for in GQ! They were celebrating the anniversary of The Dana Carvey Show.  To read more about that article, click HERE.

But that’s still not the biggest news!!! Stay tuned, please subscribe right now so you won’t miss out on the big announcement coming Tuesday! We’ve got a lot of catching up and it’ll all start then. Sorry to neglected you, my faithful friends, fans, blog-readers and Motherfakers.

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