Two are now One

That’s right, the big news is HERE. Yesterday, Samantha and I got married!!!

It was a VERY small, VERY intimate ceremony with just an officiant (BJ “Honkey” Lange) and two witnesses (Peter and Cate Perigo). We’ll have more details after we get back from our mini-honeymoon at Disneyland today.

As early as Thursday, we’ll have video and pics of the mini-blessed event. ‘Till then, please leave a comment with advice about how to keep a married couple happy and together.

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12 thoughts on “Two are now One

  1. Congrats, Bill! As for how to keep a married couple happy, it’s all about honoring each other, plain and simple. Many wonderful years together to come for you both!

  2. Could not be happier, bro! Bless you both and this union!! Give my new sis a big hug and kiss for me! Love you both!

  3. From one that has been married for 20 years now…Communicate everything. Know that bad times will happen. But also know that your love will pull you through! 🙂 Congratulations to the both of you. We’d love to see you sometime!

  4. Congratulations Bill!! You both make a cute couple. Hmmm…. advice on how to keep a married couple happy and together? Coming up on our 19th wedding anniversary, so first I say: Laugh. A LOT! Which I don’t think will be a problem! Second? laugh some more!

  5. Oh yes, there was plenty of time in Tomorrowland, and Fantasyland….How can we make Disney so dirty?! Oh yeah, because it’s about married dirtiness.

  6. Thanks Aron! I agree about honor. To love and respect as we want to be loved and respected. She’s lucky I have such a big ego! 🙂

  7. Well, then we’ll be happy for a long time. Of course i consider myself funny, but Sammy is the one who makes me laugh the most!

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