Love is NO JOKE!

Here it is at last! People have been asking to see video of the wedding since I released the video of the blessed event in my last blog post. Well here it is! Just to be clear, the gag reel and the wedding were shot separately. But we inter-cut them to provide what we hope is the funniest wedding video you’ve seen! The wedding itself is only 2.5 minutes. The gags with our friends BJ, Peter and Cate last a lifetime!

It’s Already Christmas!

I’m the world’s biggest Christmas nerd. I usually start celebrating on Thanksgiving, when I first start playing holiday tunes. This year I’m starting MUCH, MUCH earlier in Fernie, British Columbia.

The town’s entire Main Street is decorated like it’s Christmas Eve for the Disney production of the film Santa Pups.. With all the lights, decorations, Christmas trees and spirit of a town called Pineville U.S.A. I play Mr. Holman, the owner of the Christmas cookie store. I can’t reveal much more of the plot right now, but I’ve been shooting several scenes for a big musical number that involves the WHOLE TOWN! Including a marching band.

I hope to get some pictures up soon of Fernie in the daytime because this town is so picturesque. It’s surrounded on all sides by the Rocky Mountains. You could swing your camera around 360 degrees and get nothing but picture postcards in this kitschy little Alpine village. I’m just finding out that the term Alpine doesn’t neccessarily refer to the Alps, which makes sense. You know, it’s all in that same family if you add an “ine” onto something: feline, canine, strychnine.

I was a little confused at first because I thought we were shooting in Canada. But it turns out it’s “British Columbia.” I’m a bit disappointed that you can’t find a better cup of coffee in British Columbia. I like the Mexican Columbia a lot better. Although I understand that Vancouver is very similar to the Mexican Columbia in many ways.

I can’t receive phone calls or texts here because Sprint informed me that it would cost something like 59 cents a minute if my data plan is activated. They couldn’t promise that it would stay off even if they “shut it off remotely.” The operator suggested I just shut my phone off all the time to avoid outrageous fees.  I’m having the working vacation of a lifetime! I only wish Sammy were here with me.

Speaking of Sammy, I’ll have video of the wedding posted sometime before the weekend. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. In the meantime I’ve included a few pics you might enjoy, above.

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