Almost Opening!

It’s Almost Opening Night for I Love Lucy Live, which is this Saturday, October 1st. I’ve got opening night jitters!!! Or maybe it’s the coffee from Stir Crazy, where I’m writing this.  In any case, my knee is bouncing and my stomach is tying in knots. I know, I know….it’s another opening.  I’ve done a bunch of shows before. But there is so much excitement about this show from the cast, the producers and all the audiences who have seen it so far. So much excitement that it’s going to burst! I think this movie is going to be a hit with audiences, because we’ve been wowing them in previews.

We got a standing ovation Sunday night and everybody who’s seen it has been very enthusiasitc about how well it will play to musical theater audiences, fans of Lucy and even optimistic about it’s success in LA…not known much as a theater town. I can’t wait to pop the cork on October 1st, Hope you’ll be thinking of me this Saturday night!

Let me know what you’d expect from a stage musical of I Love Lucy.  I’m interested in hearing your opinion as an outsider. Unless you’re a fellow cast member or director/producer. In that case, I’m interested in hearing your opinion as an insider.

I’ve added some pics so you can imagine yourself with us onstage opening night. Or in the audience…or wherever you’d rather be on Saturday night.

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  1. Your friends in Southwest Missouri are so excited for you Bill, especially Holden and myself! Good luck with the opening. We know you will be a hit!

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