Love is NO JOKE!

Here it is at last! People have been asking to see video of the wedding since I released the video of the blessed event in my last blog post. Well here it is! Just to be clear, the gag reel and the wedding were shot separately. But we inter-cut them to provide what we hope is the funniest wedding video you’ve seen! The wedding itself is only 2.5 minutes. The gags with our friends BJ, Peter and Cate last a lifetime!

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2 thoughts on “Love is NO JOKE!

  1. Bill – You are a crazy man! Congrats to you and your very lucky bride! All your friends in Ritenour wish you both the best! Cindy Gibson
    P.S. – I got a Hallmark Boss’s Day Card…… that possibly you on the front???

  2. Thanks Cindy! Is there any way you can scan the Hallmark card or take a picture of it? I didn’t pose for any, but it’s possible my image is being used without approval. Please let me know. It could mean some money….and a possible donation to Ritenour.

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