Invisible Children Need Bandages

I can’t believe that the tragedy of Invisible Children has ravaged Africa. The country of Africa has had so many difficulties over the ages, and now this!

ImageIf the problem with The Invisible Man weren’t enough, we now have to take it upon ourselves as the Greatest EVER Generation to solve the problem of Invisible Children and even more tragic, Invisible Babies. As you know, the most important thing that invisible people OF ANY AGE need are bandages. I don’t know why, but the best solution for making someone visible is bandages. Of course over the years in movies and TV several other things have worked: paint, make up, and in the case of Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man – steam.


Let’s not kid ourselves, there is no greater tragedy than an Invisible-American not being able to be seen. Of course, they can use invisible powers to their advantage. For example, they can help other people win at darts, they can watch people dress and undress, and if they decide to use their powers for good they can help solve crimes.

But often, the invisibility “serum” can cause people to be criminally insane, which would be a tragedy if it happened to a child or worse, an Invisible Baby.

With your help, we can raise enough money to buy bandages for these children and babies in need. Think about a world in which a child is SO INVISIBLE that Santa cannot find them!


How can you help? Firstly, you can re-post this article to make others aware of this horrible problem. Re-posting articles is the best way to stop a tragedy. So many tragedies have been averted thanks to social media. So, thank you social media!

Secondly, you can donate to the 2012 Compass Improv Festival. Click the link to donate.

How can donating money to an Improv Festival help? Well, first of all, it’s very humid in St. Louis. Until we can find enough bandages to cover every child, humidity will at least shed some water on the situation. Also, the Ace Bandage was invented in St. Louis, Missouri. Perhaps with your help we can produce enough bandages so that there’s money left over to send them all to Invisible Chldren the world over. So please, donate and then re-post this article wherever you can….twitter, facebook, and wherever else it would be inappropriate.


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