INNY Winners Annouced

I’m very honored to announce that I have won the INNY award for “Best Improv Coach”. I found out from Bill Finkbiner, who texted me as I was driving around my home town of St. Louis. Bill is an Original Trickster and one of my first students in St. Louis. I’m glad that I foundContinue reading “INNY Winners Annouced”

I’m a Foreigner, not a Stooge!

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I was up for the part of “Curly” in the Farrelly Brothers’ Three Stooges movie. It’s mentioned in an article on Split Sider. You can read all about it HERE. The film opened last weekend to mixed reviews as can be expected. I have notContinue reading “I’m a Foreigner, not a Stooge!”

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