Meme, Meme, Meme

Okay, I’ve finally hopped into the sandbox and started making memes. I don’t know why. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but I’m very technologically inept. Well, a program called Skitch has changed all of that. It’s a program that allows you to alter a picture or document for more effective communication. But it also allows me to make memes, I suppose.

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All of this followed my decision to use Instagram. At first I was hesistant to use this app because I didn’t understand exactly how it could be used to upload a much better-looking picture from a mobile device. As soon as I uploaded my first Instagram pic, I got a LOT of likes on Facebook. I figured a pic that generates some interest could generate a meme or two as well. So, I overdid it a bit. So much so, that my friend Greg Kashmanian made a few of his own. I’ve shared one of those as well.

I also created one based on my wife’s suggestion. BTW, Samantha and I had a GREAT anniversary honeymoon at CMU. Central Methodist University is where we met during my annual improv workshops. Once again, I returned for a series of workshops and a really fun student showcase. Sam had to head back to LA, but before that, we were able to stay at a wonderful bed and breakfast in Fayette called The Sweet Briar Inn. I highly recommend the Sweet Briar Inn if you’re ever in Mid-Missouri and looking for a great place to stay and eat a wonderfully homespun breakfast. I’ll have more to share about that in the next post. I love you, Sam. Happy Anniversary. ‘Till then, have fun surfing my memes.


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