Please Help me out with a Vote for Best Improv Teacher

It’s another year at the INNY awards, and I’d like to humbly ask for your vote. Last year, readers like you made it all possible when I was voted Best Improv Coach. I’m looking to hold the title and perhaps get the vote for Best Improv Teacher, or school, or The Sauce for best troupe.  Can you take 2 minutes to fill out this ballot? Click HERE to vote!

I’m proud of the work I’m doing in Pasadena and Hollywood and I’m so happy for the scene that has developed in my home town of St. Louis. A vote for any of the wonderful troupes and teachers in St. Louis in any category is also appreciated. If you’d like to read an article about Improv Trick in Pasadena, check out Pasadena Weekly for the article. We’re so excited we took a pic of the cover last night. Here it is:


Thanks in advance for your vote, and I’d appreciate your “liking” this, sharing it G+, and whatever you do to let your friends know about something cool.

I.T. has been in a few arts publications like this in St. Louis, but never in L.A. so this is a huge thing for us. You can also hear me talk on KMOX, where I grew up listening to all the comedy greats on Saturday mornings.

I’ll be interviewed by Jon Grayson about Improv Trick in Pasadena (his show is nationally syndicated) as well as the St. Louis improv scene. Stay tuned on Sunday at 10:30pm PST and 12:30am CST on KMOX for Jon’s show: Overnight America.

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