Great Screening Last Night

Sam and I had fun last night at a screening for a new web series called The Comeback Kids. It’s a fun show, filled with a bunch of great actors who have been working since they were kids. I got to meet a bunch of them last night, including Scott Schwartz from The Toy and A Christmas Story. The stars of the show are Richard Steven Horvitz and Dean Cameron. Really funny guys, and the whole cast was amazing and TV favorites like Bernie Kopell (who did some Siegfried at the Q & A) and Gavin McLeod. Then we ran into Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha on Bewitched. Sam was named after Samantha on Bewitched. We all had a chance to take a quick pic. Check out the caption!

At The Comeback Kids screening
At The Comeback Kids screening
Samantha, Tabitha and Mr. Laritate
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