Social Media Blackout


I pledged on Saturday to take part in a social media blackout of two candidates whom I feel are getting more than the lion’s share of coverage on conventional media. One is a man who should be named Drumpf,  the other is Hill*** C****on.

What are the rules of my social media blackout? They’re easy. A.) I just won’t post anything (negative or positive) about a chosen candidate and B.) I won’t click on any articles (negative or positive) that mention that candidate. Next week it’s Drumpf, but this week I have not been mentioning the latter on social media, nor have I posted articles for or against this unnamed Democratic contender and former fist lady. Why?

Last weekend, a nationwide movement marched by the thousands in many large cities in support of Senator Bernie Sanders. Maybe you didn’t read about it in your local paper or see it on your television because it wasn’t covered at all.

So how best to address this on social media? Should I complain on social media and post negative articles that bash both or one of these candidates?

Surely not, because here’s what not enough people get about social media and online journalism: If someone on social media posts something negative about a candidate they oppose, many more people will post other articles in reply with their counter opinion. So I would be handing out clicks to websites advocating against my candidate of choice online. Just like in real life, negative energy only comes back tenfold.

Should I respond by posting more positives about Bernie Sanders on Facebook and Twitter? Sure, but I don’t need to bash anyone to do that. I won’t even be offended if you decide to participate in an online social media blackout of Bernie Sanders if you’re against his candidacy. I recommend it as a healthy cleanse and a way to avoid online arguments. Do it just for you.

Start by changing your browser for next week’s blackout, where you’ll see the other candidate’s name replaced on your personal social media and elsewhere with the name Donald Drumpf by clicking HERE. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

I won’t be posting anything about him on my wall next week, but he’s such a HUGE personality that he does deserve a wall of his own. If you’re on Facebook, you can look to Wall of Comedy if you need a Drumpf fix.


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