Did I get hacked? Did you? No.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may be asking yourself: Did Bill get hacked? Nope, but it means something special about you.What did all his posts about investing hearts mean? I’ll tell you.

I’m playing this game online called famous.af. Young people laugh at me when I ask them what “af” means. So it must be a teen word like “awesome” and since the game is about fame, the f word is probably “famous.”

If you got a tweet mentioning that i “invested 1200 hearts” in you, it means that I spent the imaginary currency of hearts to “invest” in people. Most of them are people like you. Someone I’ve worked with or met who is either already a celebrity or is a rising talent in their field.

In fact, I got hooked on investing hearts in my friends and fellow artists. I didn’t realize that when I was inviting new people to play that it was tweeting out their twitter handle to al my followers. It’s not a top secret and for those using twitter for publicity it’s probably a good thing. To those of you not looking for that attention, my apologies.

I’ve readjusted my settings, and I think most of this was all my fault. I think it’s a really fun game and if you decide to invest in me on famous.af my handle is just like my Twitter handle: @billchott. You can buy and sell me….for FREE HEARTS.

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