About The Mailman 

Last night’s episode of This Is Us has gotten a lot of attention from Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. Looks like NBC and This is Us got the message. 

The story below is very touching, and I got permission to link to a fantastic blog post that sums up why the scene was so impactful. 

Enjoy this story by Katherine Hansen”Why the mailman on ‘This is Us’ brought me to tears”

Read about it HERE. The article is also on HuffPost!

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3 thoughts on “About The Mailman 

  1. You’re so kind to post a link to my blog.I am so happy you are getting such great notice. Obviously I’m just one of the throng who loved your portrayal. People are falling in love with their mail carriers all over the country!

  2. Isn’t it awesome. Your HuffPost Article is getting shared all over. Looks like the interview was well-received. I’m so glad we connected!

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