Week of Gratitude – Day Five

Here’s the fifth in my five weekdays of gratitude: Weekends with my family. I am so grateful for my family. My wife Samantha, and my daughter Izzy.

I’m forever grateful for the night I met Sam and our long distance romance that led to a joyful marriage and a blessing in our daughter Isabella.

They give me a purpose in life and so much love that I always feel surrounded by love. I hope you were able to spend Thanksgiving with your family, whether by birth or chosen. Know that even when you’re alone somewhere, you’re surrounded by love. Love is all there is.

Week Of Gratitude – Day 4

I set aside Thanksgiving to let you know I’m thankful for YOU! Without you, this would be a diary and not a blog.

Friends, fans and other readers of this blog have been so great to me. So many of you comment here and write emails and letters that let me know my work makes a difference.

When I posted on my Facebook about a recent audition, the feedback I got from all those posts filled me with so much confidence that I left the meeting knowing that no matter what happened, I did my best.

If my improv, films or tv shows helped brighten your day then I’ve done my job. It gives me so much satisfaction to know when my work makes a difference. I hope I’ll never let you down.

So, thanks for being you! And thanks for reaching out and joining me here.

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