Disability Means Diversity

My co-star from The Ringer, Eddie Barbanell

I was honored to be invited to celebrate the Farrelly Brothers as they received the Morton E. Ruderman Award for their work of inclusion of people with disabilities. In this industry, nobody comes close to the work they’ve done. It’s been an honor to work with them in the past. Shooting with them on The Ringer is an experience that changed my life. 

This star-studded event included so many performers with disabilities like Marlee Matlin, Geri Jewell, and Danny Woodburn.

I first met Danny on the set of Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. (Read HERE) Fortunately I was seated right there next to him so we were able to reconnect. We shared a few jokes about the fancy butter dish.

Here’s the thing. They are all so amazing that it didn’t occur to me when I met them there that they are people with disabilities. I just got the star-struck “don’t know what to say” feeling that I get whenever I’m at an event like this.

Other names you may recognize were Ted Danson, Larry David, Kevin Pollack, Kevin Nealon and so many others that I just didn’t have the time to meet. And I made some new friends including Matthew Sauve. What a nice guy. We talked about parenting, table etiquette and his belief that the arts are not just a privilege, they’re a right.

Would you like to join in that call for making more roles available for people with disabilities? Click HERE. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts about creating more opportunities for people with disabilities and including people with disabilities in the diversity discussion.

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