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Agent: Pam Ellis @ ETG 818.980.8072

Manager: Cindy Ambers @ Art/Work Entertainment 323.456.0333

Publicity: Arlene @ JMA 562.787.5254

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  1. Bill-As a landscape photographer it was good to come indoors and be entertained It seems like it takes a lot of talent and wit to do improve and I felt some real energy from the class. The feb Molife issue is out now & they used more than one pic.
    I don’t have a cell phone & cannot send a tweet but if you give me an e-mail address I can send you some pics from that afternoon
    Glenn C

  2. Hey Bill! You came to my school, Go Skyline Tigers! You told us today, you didn’t bring any signed photographs 🙁 but you said you could mail some maybe? Can you mail me one? You are amazing! 🙂 thanks!

    -Sarah Jane

  3. thank you for coming to are school (ray miller elem.) and theaching us that just becuse they look or sound funny dosen’t mean anything its whats in side that matters as people say”dont judge a book by its cover,
    your friend,tyler davis

  4. Heyyyy! whatz up tks for the comment on myspace u rock for that I already saw that wizards episode so whatz gonna happen next the wizard competition, the end of wizards wait after when max tellz his girlfriend that he’s a wizard then what happenz sorry for bein to curious thatz just the way I am gotta know wutz goin on next oh btw if u ever come near memphis tennessee in august or late july ask for me cuz I’ll be there gotta see the rest of my family. u rock ! i really like ur character in wizards of waverly place gtg XOXO,

  5. Thanks so much. Hope you’ll stay in touch. Wish I could tell you what’s happening next on the show. I talk about it on this blog as soon as I can let people know.

  6. Hi Bill. You probably don’t remember me, but we met in LasVegas. Paris hotel at some bar enjoying a drink and playing video Poker.You were auditioning I love Lucy. I recognized you from somewhere. It was the Wizards of Waverly Place and movies as well. I was thrilled to meet you. Anyway, that was back Thanksgiving weekend 2010. I live in Boston now and am helping my son’s elementary with a silent auction. I immediately thought of you and your great personality and acting. I know people would love to meet you and hear your comedy. Any chance you’ll be in Boston May 2nd, 2015? We’d love to have you!

  7. Liz, I’m so sorry that I don’t check these comments more often. I rarely get to Boston, but if you’d like some signed posters, etc for the auction, then let me know.

  8. Hello again Bill. No worries. It was a long shot. I just immediately thought of you when we were discussing someone that could entertain the audience. I think you are a great actor and so funny too! Thanks. If you would be willing to donates a signed poster or memorabilia or something that would be wonderful. We would appreciate it. Thanks!

  9. I’m doing a speech on how you and my science teacher are the same people in Oral Comm. Can you please send me an email at saying that you’re the same person as Mr.Rea because I need more evidence for my speech. Thanks, you’re a peach!

  10. Bill Chott,

    I am a student at Ritenour High School
    who is organizing a fan club based on your success and also on your iconic character, “Mr. Laritate” on Disney channel. We want you to know what an impact you have made on our fan base and we appreciate your constant upcoming works. If you would ever like to speak with us, please contact me.

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