Online Exclusive

Watch this by 7pm PST. It’s a mostly musical improv jam I hosted at World Comedy Studios last night. Paul Green was on the keyboard and the improvisers were at play! Such a joy. There is some language so, if you watch an improv jam at work, save this one for the drive home!  It’sContinue reading “Online Exclusive”

I’m on Horatio Sanz’s Podcast: The HOORAY SHOW

You can hear me on this week’s episode of The HOORAY SHOW with Horatio Sanz and Chad Krueger! Listen now and hear me discuss my early SNL audition, The Dana Carvey Show, Rush Limbaugh and Jackie Gleason. WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Also, today is my birthday. If you want to do me a birthday favor, thenContinue reading “I’m on Horatio Sanz’s Podcast: The HOORAY SHOW”

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