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Hi friends! If you’d like to know more about another dramatic role I was in – Marshall’s Miracle – click HERE to read a fun new interview. 

Me and co-star Lauren Holly

I grew a beard for the role and I’ve lost some weight since then. If you like tear-jerkers you’ll enjoy this story about a brave boy and his dog Marshall. For this and other projects I was in, (and to help raise my online profile) click HERE

My Promise to You!

Finally, at long last I have the rough behind the scenes footage from my recent tour in Mid-Missouri with Special Olympics. I hear that it might be flagged for offensive content???? According to You Tube. So, I’d really appreciate you rating it and commenting on it.  It’s not offensive at all, it’s about overcoming prejudice against people with disabilities.

And I hope if you enjoyed it you’ll forward to a friend.

Speaking of Good Friends, I’d like to pass on word about a really cool episode of Wizards of Waverly Place premiering this Friday.  Fans from way back remember the early days at Improv Olympic or iO west when I’d perform as Artie Smitten, the borscht belt comic/greedy manager of The Lampshades and The Great Mountebank the “Mentalist” The Lampshades was some of the most fun I had when first starting out in LA.

The "Great" Mountebank

Well, Set your Tivo’s kids and parents! The Lampshades play Harper’s parents on Wizards of Waverly Place on July 30th on the Disney Channel.

Kate Flannery, Jennifer Stone, Scot Robinson

Kate Flannery and Scot Robinson play Marty and Elaine Finkle, Alex (Selena Gomez)’s best friend, Harper Finkle (Jennifer Stone)’s folks –a twisted, upbeat, Disney-fied version of the Lampshades. It’s exciting and surreal. Hey please watch and tell them what you think at

For more on the episode, click HERE to read more.

So, I mentioned that for my birthday  I spent the weekend with my lovely gal-pal, girlfriend, and soul mate Samantha.  If you’re subscribed to the blog, then you’ll read all about how I spent an amazing 41st birthday. Hope you’ll read all about it next week.

Hot Enough for Ya?

It’s already a great summer.  My 41st birthday is coming up July 23rd and in lieu of my usual birthday bash, I’ll be spending the week with my lovely girlfriend Samantha. Improv Trick Classes start in LA August 7 and I’ll be doing a show at BANG Studio called Zodiac Thrillers.

But first, the moment you’ve been waiting for…  Here we are in July and I promised the next post would include footage from one of the assemblies that me and Kristina O’Neil performed at all over Mid-Missouri.  Well, due to technical difficulties, I’ll have to post a bonus blog in a few days.

In other Improv Trick news, our good Friend James Adomian made it into the semi-finals of Last Comic Standing.  James has joined me onstage at the New Orleans Improv Festival and the New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival as well as a special fundraiser in St. Louis where he portrayed George W. Bush at the Shlafly Tap Room. James wasn’t the only good friend of Improv Trick to appear in a comedy competition this year. Clownvis appeared on America’s Got Talent, ripping the B-List judges a new ego after their all-too quick judgement of how funny an Elvis Clown can be.

Speaking of laughs, my top pick of online funny is almost always found at The Onion.  This month’s favorite is a story entitled: Girl Raised From Birth by Wolf Blitzer. The young girl in this video is priceless.  You’ll laugh…why would I lie?

Those of you linked to me on facebook already heard the news, but Wizards of Waverly Place will be back for season 4 soon.  I’ll start shooting new episodes in mid-August. It’s probably unlikely that we’ll have a season 5 since Selena Gomez will be moving on to other projects after completing this season and another Wizards movie!  Maybe I’ll make it past the cutting room floor in the next one.

OK, I hate to brag…(pause for eye roll) but I’m very proud to announce that my high school Alma Mater, Ritenour Senior High will be inducting me into the Ritenour Hall of Fame this October. Ah, to be among the Pride of the Huskies.

Finally, the movie I did with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade is now available on iTunes.  See me singing with Amy Poehler and some of the top names in comedy today making cameos in this long-awaited indie Release Wild Girls Gone.

Gateway City Comedy Blitzkreig

You Motherfaking June-Bugs,

I thought you might enjoy seeing these clips of the Fake Yo-Yo Trickster.  This is a hilarious prankster making his way around the country masquerading as a Yo-Yo expert on local news programs.  If I wasn’t trying to actually promote things on local TV, I’d be doing appearances like this one.

I’m really proud of the Improv Trick, my improv company in St. Louis.  We mounted the first weekend of a two-weekend benefit called The Wizards of Improv here in St. Louis. You can see more about it on one of my recent TV interviews.

KSDK NBC 5 – Show Me St. Louis

Sure, I’d embed it if I could, alas…you’ll just have to click the links to take a look.  In the clip, I talk about working with Selena Gomez, my work in St. Louis with Improv Trick and some other silliness.

I’ll have a bonus blog post this week when I finish editing my footage of the tour I did with Special Olympics earlier this month.  Consider this a teaser.  I’ve had so much fun getting out and visiting area schools and events the past couple of weeks.  Last week, I spent the evening with the Warrenton Warriors Seniors of 2010 in their Project Graduation and tonight I presented three awards at the 2010 Cappies. The Cappies are annual awards presented at a gala event for area high school productions that have gained critical success locally. A lot of the kids who took their pics with me have already started adding them to their facebook pages.

It really feels good to get out and meet the fans of Wizards of Waverly Place, they’re some of the best fans in the world.  From 8 year old little girls to grown up single male hairdressers, they love the crazy spirit of this show.

If you know anyone in St. Louis, I hope you’ll consider passing on the word of our upcoming Improv Classes for kids and of course the last weekend of the Wizards of Improv Benefit show…info is below:

Click HERE for info about the upcoming Kids Classes with The Improv Trick in St. Louis.

Soundstage Productions Presents : Wizard of Improv Benefit Show!

Star of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, Bill Chott (Mr. Laritate), hosts 2 weekends  of laughs for the whole family to benefit The Improv Trick’s Improv Summer Camp for Kids! Join him and The Improv Trick at Soundstage Productions, 214 Crestwood Court for 2 weekends of improv comedy, 5/21 & 5/22 and 5/28/5/29 7:30 & 10pm. Improv is unscripted using audience suggestions to create on-the-spot comedy! Proceeds benefit The Improv Trick’s Improv Summer Camp for Kids, a camp for local kids who wish to learn improv.

Friday, May 28th show is SOLD OUT. Buy your tickets now.  Click HERE to purchase tickets online.

Friday, May 28th 7:30pm (Early SHOW SOLD OUT)
at Soundstage Productions @ Crestwood Plaza Artspace St. Louis, MO

Bill Chott will not be appearing in the first show Saturday evening, but he will be present after the show for pictures and autographs.  All in attendance at the first Saturday show will be welcome to stay for free for the second performance featuring Bill Chott.

214 Crestwood Court
In the AMC Movie Wing (the east wing of the mall), near the children’s indoor playground.
Free parking near the old Dillard’s/Chevy’s entrance or the AMC Movie entrance.

Price: $10
Phone: (314) 922-1998
Age Suitability: All Ages

Click HERE to purchase tickets now.

Spread the Word to End the “R word”

Below are the speaking times and tour dates for the “Spread the Word to End the “R word”.  If you read my blog regularly then you know that I’m a big supporter of Special Olympics.  I’ve been really busy the past few weeks and I’m touring this week in mid-Missouri to help end hate speech toward people with disabilities.

Think twice before you call someone a "retard"

I spoke today, along with several student volunteers and Kristina O’Neal, (Special Olympics Missouri’s first ever Seargent Shriver Ambassador) for an eager crowd of kids in Urbana, Missouri who are big supporters of the cause and feel deeply about words that demean and dehumanize.  Whether it’s about a person’s culture, race, religion or disability, words that label and limit do not help.  I was amazed to learn that a school administrator in Missouri denied students the right to an “End the R Word” assembly because “That’s what they are.”

What???? I understand why an assembly like this might not make sense for a school because they’re understaffed, behind on studies, or some other perfectly logical reason.  But when a school administrator uses that kind of language, on the record with Special Olympics,  then it becomes painfully obvious that we as a culture need to examine the prejudice that exists toward people with disabilities from rural Missouri to urban LA. The superintendent of the Skyline Schools was certainly not one of the administrators who turned down the opportunity to expand his students cerebral cortex. I can’t remember his name, but ladies…if he’s single he could put the pal in your principal. He personally thanked me for doing this for his kids. He’s one of the guys who cares.

If you had a friend that couldn’t dance, if you called them “quadriplegia victim” instead of “retarded” would that be acceptable?  Sure, as an exaggeration it might sound funny for shock value or because it’s funny to word things like that. But…stop laughing…seriously.  How can people be so blind?

Had a great lunch of a Big Daddy Burger at the Preston Cafe’ in Urbana, ironically named….no, not the burger, Urbana.  Let me know how you feel about the use of the “r” word….do you have your own personal “r” word?  What words hurt you when you overhear them in everyday speech?  No word will be too offensive, I’d like to start an honest discussion about the fact that not only do sticks and stones break bones, but words can also limit, stunt and belittle.

If more schools want this assembly to come to their school, it may get extended.  I’d sure love to speak with Kristina and volunteers all over the country. She’s an amazing gal.  Find out more about her by clicking on her blog HERE.

Here, as promised are the tour dates for the next two days:

8:30 am
Sts. Peter & Paul School (K-8 grades)
10:00 am*
Boonville High School
1:00 – 1:30 pm*
Ray-Miller Elementary School (3-5
2:00 – 2:30 pm
Kirksville High School
4:30 – 6:30 pm
Regional Center – Art Show for
Individuals with Developmental
7 – 8 pm
Truman State University
6:30 AM
William Chrisman High School
1:15 & 1:45 PM
Truman Middle School (6-8 grades)
St. Joseph

*(denotes tentative dates, schedule may change)

For more info, or to bring a Special Olympics Global Messenger to your school or organization, visit

Take the pledge today and join the campaign by CLICKING HERE.

I’ll have more pics and highlights later this week.  My tour will continue as I’ll be mentioning the campaign at our shows this month at Improv Trick in St. Louis.  For a full calendar of events in St. Louis, visit

To keep up to date on events, be sure to join me on twitter @billchott, and subscribe to this blog! Don’t forget to weigh in on your “r” word.

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