Improv Classes

Bill Chott’s Improv School The Improv Trick can bring his classes and shows to your organization.


Want to learn how to improvise?  Several times a year in LA and STL, Bill offers FREE lessons in improvisation.

For more, visit:

8 responses to “Improv Classes

  1. teresa

    Best wishes Bill. We are supporting your plight and know you are the right person to be Curly.
    Break a Leg.

  2. Joy

    I think you will make a great curly. You definately have the talent for it! Here’s my vote!!

  3. cristy

    look on google cristina penson and there will be my pictures on my acting school website

  4. cristy

    lookon google cristina penson

    and my picture will be there

  5. IVE

    I’m the king of rhetoric and improvisation! Yeah!

  6. Carol Dawn Fairchild

    Hi Bill , Are you still in St.Louis I meet you over in Belleville,Il. @ a party and had won a free improve class ….but we never did get to get together . I would like to be able to talk infront of people with more ease. I am a Licensed Massage therapist. Well we will talk more when you send me and email idf you want my cell I can also give you that number . You are a funny guy . Your not a bit shy! talk to you soon. Carol

  7. Dear Carol,

    I’m still in St. Louis for classes from time to time. Currently I’m in New Orleans, but I’ll be in St. Louis next week. You can redeem your free class by contacting Marc at 314 922 1998.

  8. Sure, send your number and I can catch up next time I’m in the area.

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