At last, you’ve come to something that will be fun to read! I’ve written for Saturday Night Live, The Dana Carvey Show and even personalized songs, jingles, radio copy and more.

What are you looking for? Just ask me.

By Grabthar’s Hammer! – Remembering Alan Rickman. Are you a fan of Galaxy Quest? This exciting behind-the-scenes story was published in memory of the award-winning actor, known for skin-crawling villains and laughable straight men.

Anarchist’s Picnic – Do you like Saturday Night Live’s digital shorts? You get to read one that was in my writing packet for last season.

Coma Cop – A 1970’s cop brings his tough, streetwise ways to 2016’s ultra-PC police force in this snappy and slightly tasteless comedy sketch.

Standard Web Copy – I write all the copy for The Improv Trick, my improv school. Peruse at your leisure. Maybe you’d like to take a sample improv class?

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