Week of Gratitude – Day One

It’s Thanksgiving week, and so I thought it’s a good time to post each weekday about something I’m grateful for. Well, if you follow me on social media you see my posts about my Comedy Sportz shows all the time. So it should come as no surprise that my day one Gratitude post is about Comedy Sportz.

I joined Comedy Sportz in Chicago in 1993…a looooong time ago. I made friends then that are still very much a part of my life now. When I moved to New York to do the Dana Carvey show, I moved my entire life there for a show that only lasted seven weeks on the air. It was an amazing time working with some of my all time comedy idols. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can watch the documentary Too Funny To Fail on Hulu.

When the show ended abruptly, I had nothing to do but improv. Luckily, I had some friends who had just moved to New York to shake up the improv scene. Some of them were my Chicago friends in the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and the others were the New York Comedy Sportz team. I really enjoyed playing with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, but for me, there is nothing like the adrenaline rush of a Comedy Sportz show.

I had met the New York team a few years ago when the Chicago team competed in an improv match in Montreal at the Just for Laughs festival. They welcomed me like family,  and I played with them almost every week when I lived in New York.

When I moved to LA, I was surrounded by friends from Chicago doing iO (formerly Improv Olympic). I didn’t know many of the players in LA’s Comedy Sportz and so I drifted away from Comedy Sportz. It wasn’t until two years ago that I decided to put on the red and blue uniform and hop back into Comedy Sportz and I haven’t looked back since.

I had an amazing time playing in the World Championship this summer on the LA team, and I have a blast in every practice, show and fun outing with my Comedy Sportz family. The biggest reason that Comedy Sportz is where I’m starting the week of Gratitude posts is because Gratitude is one of our key values.

Our values are: Collaboration, Inspiration, Gratitude, Diversity and Fun. Not many other improv theaters and schools lead with values. I’m thankful to have these shared goals with my CSz brothers and sisters. I’m thankful that I do shows that you can bring your whole family to. I’m thankful that I’m supported in everything I do on that stage.

I’m even performing this Friday in the 8pm show if you’d like to come and see what it’s all about. Visit CSzla.com for tickets.

So there you have it: Day One – I am grateful for Comedy Sportz.

Hot Enough for Ya?

It’s already a great summer.  My 41st birthday is coming up July 23rd and in lieu of my usual birthday bash, I’ll be spending the week with my lovely girlfriend Samantha. Improv Trick Classes start in LA August 7 and I’ll be doing a show at BANG Studio called Zodiac Thrillers.

But first, the moment you’ve been waiting for…  Here we are in July and I promised the next post would include footage from one of the assemblies that me and Kristina O’Neil performed at all over Mid-Missouri.  Well, due to technical difficulties, I’ll have to post a bonus blog in a few days.

In other Improv Trick news, our good Friend James Adomian made it into the semi-finals of Last Comic Standing.  James has joined me onstage at the New Orleans Improv Festival and the New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival as well as a special fundraiser in St. Louis where he portrayed George W. Bush at the Shlafly Tap Room. James wasn’t the only good friend of Improv Trick to appear in a comedy competition this year. Clownvis appeared on America’s Got Talent, ripping the B-List judges a new ego after their all-too quick judgement of how funny an Elvis Clown can be.

Speaking of laughs, my top pick of online funny is almost always found at The Onion.  This month’s favorite is a story entitled: Girl Raised From Birth by Wolf Blitzer. The young girl in this video is priceless.  You’ll laugh…why would I lie?

Those of you linked to me on facebook already heard the news, but Wizards of Waverly Place will be back for season 4 soon.  I’ll start shooting new episodes in mid-August. It’s probably unlikely that we’ll have a season 5 since Selena Gomez will be moving on to other projects after completing this season and another Wizards movie!  Maybe I’ll make it past the cutting room floor in the next one.

OK, I hate to brag…(pause for eye roll) but I’m very proud to announce that my high school Alma Mater, Ritenour Senior High will be inducting me into the Ritenour Hall of Fame this October. Ah, to be among the Pride of the Huskies.

Finally, the movie I did with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade is now available on iTunes.  See me singing with Amy Poehler and some of the top names in comedy today making cameos in this long-awaited indie Release Wild Girls Gone.

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